Apply for a Grant

An Arts Research Project Grant application consists of:

  1. A completed application and budget page letter.
  2. A typewritten proposal not to exceed four single-spaced pages (following the guidelines). Use a 12-point font. You are welcome to include works cited, pictures, video, etc in additional pages to showcase your project or plans for your project.
  3. A supporting letter from a member of the faculty (not graduate student instructors). The letter must be accompanied by a signed recommendation form. This letter should be submitted by the faculty member via email to
    1. If emailing the letter is an issue, please have the faculty member reach out to

In special cases, the application may also involve other items:

  1. If you are submitting a proposal involving creative work, you may submit video or slides of your previous work. This is not required, but it may help reviewers better understand the proposal.
  2. If you have previously received a research grant from the School of Arts you must provide a statement showing why you believe you should be awarded another grant. Summarize what was accomplished under the previous grant and explain how the current project differs from the earlier one.

Application due dates will be determined closer to the fall semester. These need to be emailed to