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Express Yourself: Cool Classes in the Arts, Fall 2017

Monday, April 3, 2017

Looking for a way to branch out a bit with your creativity? Look no further. Here's a list of just a few of the coolest classes to take in the School of the Arts in fall 2017. We've got you covered with classes from Dance, Theatre, Visual Art and Film & Media Studies. You could be studying Quentin Tarantino films, Bob Dylan's musical poetry, learning Flamenco or discussing what exactly makes an artist an artist today. Bonus? Many of these fulfill the KU Core. (Virtual fist bump.)

FMS 380: Quentin Tarantino & Popular Culture
Examine the films of Quentin Tarantino within the framework of issues concerning race, gender and violence. You’ll look at significant influences to his filmmaking practice and style such as blaxploitation, martial arts films, spaghetti westerns and film noir.

Satisfies: Goal 3 Arts & Humanities (GE3H), H Humanities (H), HL Literature & the Arts (HL)

DANC 490: Intro to Flamenco Dance Technique
Using the basic rhythms of Flamenco, explore the different components of flamenco dance technique: floreo (spiraling fingers), brazeo (arm movements), palmas (rhythmic hand-clapping), marcaje (marking, or movement through space), vueltas (turns) and zapateado (footwork). Cultivate an awareness of flamenco's unique posture and learn the structure of the different rhythmic forms.

Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 2 (AE42), Goal 3 Arts and Humanities (GE3H)

THR 380: Performed Poetry of Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan is one of America’s most influential artists. His work meditates upon our country’s history and culture viewed through the personal perspective of a thoughtful poet and the sharp insight of a citizen of the world. Examine the works of Bob Dylan with special emphasis placed on the analysis of his songs as performed poetry. Methods developed in this course will enable you to examine and analyze other complex works of art.

Satisfies: Goal 3 Arts and Humanities (GE3H), H Humanities (H), HL Literature & the Arts PC (HL)

ART 131: Fundamentals of Ceramics
An introduction to ceramics including throwing, handbuilding, glazing, firing and related activities. Open to all university students. Specifically for students with limited or no previous experience.

FMS 410: U.S. Diversity in Visual Culture
Examine the way in which diversity in the United States – race, class, gender and sexuality – are represented through visual culture, historically and in the present. Course looks at visual objects such as film, television, photography, art, advertisements and theatre, as well as visual practices in public and private spaces.

Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 1 (AE41), H Humanities (H)

DANC 420: Intro Videography & Website Design for Dance
A hands-on course exploring digital video technology for dance. Students are introduced to video and website production. We will cover video techniques for recording, video editing, collaborating with national and international sites and artists, and self-promotion and marketing strategies. The final project will be the creation of a video website for each student. No previous video editing experience is required.

Satisfies: H Humanities (H)

THR 215: Approaching Design
Conceptualize and visualize the elements involved in creative design for theatre, dance, television and film.

Satisfies: Goal 3 Arts and Humanities (GE3H), H Humanities (H), HL Literature & the Arts PC (HL)

ART 177: First Year Seminar: Artists & Picture Making in the Digital Age
Is there a role for the “Artist” in our future, or has the proliferation of images (and the ease with which they seem to be made) rendered the artist obsolete? Is everyone an “Artist”? Analyze and critique this situation in kind: capturing images with our cell-phones and surfing the Internet for pictures, embrace lo-fi and hi-tech, and consider how images might be recycled into new “works of art.”

Satisfies: Goal 1 Outcome 1 (GE11), U Undesignated elective (U)

FMS 302: Program Development for TV
Generate ideas and write proposals for U.S. television shows – commercial and public. Perfect for entry level professionals!

Satisfies: H Humanities (H)

DANC 103: Dance - Modern Contemporary I
Dance technique for beginners with instruction in the movement vocabularies of Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Merce Cunningham, and the seminal choreographers of modern dance.

THR 111: Make-Up

Learn techniques to apply make-up for specific characterizations, both straight and character. Course also includes the study of the structure of the face and hands for stage make-up.

Satisfies: H Humanities (H)

ART 121: Fundamentals of Printmaking

An exploration of basic technical and expressive possibilities in printmaking, including woodcut, etching, lithography and silk screen. May include field trips, films and visiting lecturers. Specifically for students with limited or no previous experience. Open to all university students.