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Cool Classes in the School of the Arts

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Spread your creative skills out across all of the arts! Explore your strengths in different art forms while fulfilling a core class or an elective or two.

DANC 330 Approaches World Dance

Papers and rent payments got you down? Shake it off. Just like T Swift, in this course, you’ll learn a variety of dance styles and forms.

Students examine dance forms from throughout the world and how they relate to the times and cultures in which they evolved. Dance forms such as African, East Indian classical, European court dance, ballet, modern, and jazz will be studied through readings, master classes, live performances, videotapes, and films. Prerequisite: 200-level English course.
Satisfies KU Core: Goal 4 Outcome 2

FMS 380 American Popular Culture of: The American Gangster Film

This is one course you can’t refuse. View classic films and examine relationships with the social, political and economic dynamics of America. Classes will emphasize film, media, music, literature (including magazines and newspapers) and the graphic arts.
Satisfies KU Core: Goal 3 Arts and Humanities

THR 302 Stand-Up Comedy

Channel your inner Louis C.K. in this course on stand-up. Whether you’re looking to make it to the Second City stage or just have a little fun, this course is for you. You’ll learn valuable communication and public speaking skills that can help you on camera or in the boardroom.

ART 133 Fundamentals of Fibers

Take DIY to a new level and create something you can actually show off to all your friends.

Students will explore fibers as an art form and means of personal expression. A variety of dyeing, construction, and surface embellishment techniques will be introduced.
Satisfies KU Core: Goal 3  Arts and Humanities

DANC 260 Musical Theatre Dance

Focusing on the dance and movement vocabulary uniquely associated with musical theatre productions, students will learn a variety of popular dance styles from the 1920s to the present with emphasis on stage techniques.

FMS 302 Digital Storytelling

This is interactive storytelling for the digital age. You will explore a wide range of works including: choose your-own-adventure and pop-up books, Madlibs, web-based and crowdsourced filmmaking, video games and alternate reality games, and more. The class will draw on examples from film and media studies, strategic communication, creative writing, visual art, journalism and communications.

THR 215 Approaching Design

Imagine creating worlds, time periods and atmosphere that will leave a lasting memory.

Students will conceptualize and visualize all of the elements involved in creative design for theatre, dance, television and film.
Satisfies KU Core: Goal 3 Arts and Humanities

SCUL 300 Timberframe

Add an important line to your resume – professional experience! Work on an official art commission for the U.S. Forestry Service by authoring six kiosks educating the public on the emerald ash borer. No experience required! We’ll teach you how to build and provide the tools you’ll need.

DANC 440 Intro to Classical East Indian Dance

Bollywood will have nothing on you after this course.

Classical East Indian dance emphasizes the coordination of rhythmic foot patterns with intricate hand gestures. Students will learn the mudras (hand gestures), their significance and how they work within each dance.
Satisfies KU Core: Goal 4 Outcome 2

FMS 303 Animating with After Effects

This hands-on production course utilizes Photoshop and After Effects to explore innovative, visually arresting ways to animate still images, image sequences, digital collage, moving backgrounds, shapes, kinetic typography, 2D figures in a 3D environment, animatics and more.

THR 120 Public Speaking as Performance

A unique approach to public speaking, students will compose and deliver presentations. Developing skills through theatre games, improvisational techniques, and vocal exercises, students will also learn to manage performance anxiety, organize a narrative, speak extemporaneously and articulate clearly.
Satisfies KU Core: Goal 2 Outcome 2

ART 132 Fundamentals of Metalsmithing/Jewelry

Make your own jewelry, play with fire (with appropriate protective eyewear and clothing, of course).

Study the field of jewelry and metalsmithing with an emphasis on the tools, processes, and techniques used in the design and creation of objects from a variety of metals.This course is open to all university students, specifically those with limited or no previous experience.
Satisfies KU Core: Goal 3 Arts and Humanities