What is this funding for?

This funding is to help students pay for professional development opportunities. There are three options available to students:

Option 1: up to $300 - travel to attend a professional conference. Students may also apply for Option 1 funding to cover the cost of registration for virtual conferences or online training relevant to their major.

Option 2: up to $600 - travel to present, preform, or exhibit.

Option 3: up to $900 - travel for study abroad or master class.

These are funding amounts as of September 1, 2021.

Who can apply?

Any graduate or undergraduate student who is currently pursuing a degree within the School of the Arts is eligible to apply.

What if I have a minor in the School of the Arts, but my major is in another area?

The fund is only available to those students are pursuing a degree within the School of the Arts. We appreciate your connection to the School but it is not recognized for travel eligibility at this time.

How often can I apply?

Students may apply and receive travel once per fiscal year. The fiscal year for the University runs from July 1 – June 30.

I have already used the travel fund this year but just learned that I have been accepted to present my work. Are there other resources available?

Check with your department, they may have some funding set aside. Also, check with the Center for Undergraduate Research. They have travel funding for just this purpose. Here is the link for more information http://www.ugresearch.ku.edu/student/fund/travel.

Graduate students can check with Graduate Studies for travel fund opportunities.

What information do I need to include with my application? What if I forget something?

This depends on which option you are applying for. Please refer to the checklist (.doc) for more information. If we do not receive all of your application materials by the deadline, your application will not be reviewed for funding.

Who makes the funding decisions?

The School of the Arts Student Advisory Board will review your application.

Should I be worried about bias since my peers are reviewing my application?

There is no need to worry. Not only is all of your identifying information removed from your application, but a student from your department will not be allowed to review your application. Make sure your application is tailored in such a way that a student from another department would be able to comprehend the information you have included.

When are the deadlines and what dates do they cover? 

The deadline for your application is listed below. Applications will be reviewed at the beginning of every month. Exceptions to this schedule are during summer/winter breaks. 

Deadlines are on the first day of the month and are as follows:

Month of Travel
September October
October November
November December
December January/February
February March
March April
April May
May June/July/August

We encourage you to apply early. We will be accepting applications at all times, and they will be put in for the next review date.

If I have been granted funding, who do I contact about reimbursement for my expenses?

Where do I submit my application materials?

Submit your application and all supporting materials in PDF format to hbial@ku.edu.

If this is an issue for you, email hbial@ku.edu to arrange another option.

All deadlines are 5:00 PM. Any materials received after that time will not be eligible for funding.