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Garrett Claud Q&A

Friday, February 28, 2020

With the University of Kansas’s Theatre Production opening “As You Like It” last weekend, cast member Garrett Claud discussed some of his experiences with both the show and theatre.


Q: What year/major are you?

A: I am a senior and a theatre major with a business minor.


Q: What drew you to the University of Kansas?

A: I chose KU because even though I grew up in Southern California, my roots have always been in Kansas.


Q: Why did you get involved with KU Theatre?

A: What drew me to KU theatre was the incredible reputation and amount of connections they have to the professional world. Not to mention the notable KU Theatre alumni, like Paul Rudd.


Q: How many productions have you been a part of with KU?

A: This is my 4th production at KU, and my first Shakespeare!


Q: What is “As You Like It” about?

A: As You Like It is about finding love through friendship, family, and art, even in a fascist world.


Q: What were rehearsals like?

A: With such a short turn around, rehearsals were very long, but also very rewarding in the process.


Q: What is your role in this production?

A: I play Oliver! He is Orlando’s older brother, and the oldest son of Sir Rowland de Bois. Connecting to him has been a process, and I’m still discovering new things about him every rehearsal. Very fun character to play with!


Be sure to get your tickets for “As You Like It,” running until March 1st. 



(Photographed by @dom_lorae)