Jimmy Samuels

BGS in Film and Media Studies with a minor in English-Creative Writing
Primary office:


What are your plans for the future?

Following graduation, you'll find me somewhere in Austin, TX while the world settles down. There. I scheme a very clever and brilliant plan to break out within the film industry. Then, I make my next move - maybe Los Angeles, maybe New York; wherever the opportunity is shining bright. Once I arrive to my destination, I'll probably buy some fashionable clothes and adapt a new persona that screams "this guy knows way too much about the industry" even though I am completely unfamiliar. I'll probably get a job as a production assistant with a well-established director. While I'm getting him coffee or fetching his bagel from the toaster oven, I "drop" my freshly refined script near his feet. He'll slowly lean down to pick it up and complement its texture before indulging in the content. His eyes will light up and bulge - he's amazed. He'll then spring to his feet and demand to know who this literary prodigy "Jimmy Samuels" is. I'll step forward and reveal myself to said director. He'll shake my hand, and without any further exchange of words, I'll find myself as the co-writer of Hollywood's next A-list feature.

But I'll probably just keep making YouTube videos until I initiate phase one of this plan on my channel, J1mmy.

Describe a defining moment in your time in the School of the Arts.

My second semester of college, I took on FMS 275: Basic Video Production. After downing at least eight coffees each (one after another - the only effective way of consuming coffee in college) in hopes of conquering writer's block, our crew felt hopeless as we didn't know what our first ever project would be about. Then, one of the team members proposed an idea: what if we took the story of Romeo & Juliet and rather than have people play the Montague's and Capulet's, we have forks and spoons play them.

Now, I don't know if it was was the eight coffees talking here, but for some reason... that sounded like the best idea I had ever heard. For the next four weeks, we experienced the entire production process together while filming forks and spoons; creating a love story with camera tricks in a kitchen. After facing countless problems and second guessing our concept, we gathered around Adobe Premiere for a final run-through of our silverware feature. We celebrated with nine coffees as our director stated, "that's a wrap." The film went on to be nominated for a Tensie, KU's annual film award, for Best Experimental Film.

Despite not taking home the award, our Freshmen crew stood together with the utmost pride. A bunch of eighteen year olds had only forks, spoons, and a dream, and suddenly there stood a million more ideas to incorporate into filmmaking.

What has influenced your creativity here at KU?

The mornings of coffee, the nights on Thursdays, and the brothers of Delta Chi.