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Staff Profile: Miranda Cook, Academic Advisor

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Olathe, KS 


I got my Bachelor of Science in business administration with a major in marketing, and I am pursuing my Master of Science in college student development with a certificate in academic advising! 

Why did you want to be an advisor for the School of the Arts? 

​Growing up, I found myself drawn to the arts and participated as a hobby, which turned into a passion. In my free time, I love to continue with the arts, and I am excited to learn more from colleagues in the School of the Arts. Being a part of the students'​​ journeys to pursue their passions in the arts is such an exciting role.

What’s your favorite thing about advising college students? 

I love working with students throughout their college experience to challenge them a little more than they expect, but provide support. I love being available to students to support and advocate for them as they develop from students to professionals. 

Do you have a favorite restaurant or coffee shop in Lawrence yet? 

The Roost! 

What’s the last book you read for fun? 

​I don't get to read too many books for fun since grad school also requires a lot of reading, but my favorite book is A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly. I first read this book in middle school, and it has stuck with me since. 

Dream dinner dates? 

If I could go to dinner with anyone it would be a combination of Ellen DeGeneres, Melissa McCarthy and Anne Hathaway. I imagine this meal would be full of laughter and wisdom. We would go somewhere fancy where they would pay since they are famous and everything.