Student Information

Undergraduate Students:  The information for the deadline to apply to graduate can be found on the College Advising and Student Services website or contact them directly at 785-864-3500. This is the ceremony in which you will be corded if you have received a "Distinction/Highest Distinction" honor. You will be notified by email if you have received this honor.

Master's Students: To apply to graduate, please see the College Office of Graduate Affairs website or contact them directly at 785-864-4201 . This is the ceremony at which you will be hooded. Make sure to read through the the hooding instructions before the ceremony. Please include the name of the faculty member who will hood you when you RSVP.

PhD Students: We encourage you to join us and be recognized among your peers, but this is not the event at which you will be hooded*.  See the Office of Graduate Studies website for details regarding the PhD ceremony, or contact 785-864-8040.

*If you choose, you can be hooded at the School of the Arts Event. Please contact us via email for details (

Full regalia is required for this event:

  Cap & Gown Tassel Hood
Undergraduate Yes WHITE - worn to right side None
Graduate Yes - remove cap to be hooded BLACK - worn to left side

MA - White hood

MFA- Brown hood

drape over right arm

PhD Yes BLACK - worn to left side None for this ceremony

For ordering information, please visit the KU Bookstore website.

Check-in begins for ALL students at 6:00 PM and will continue until 6:20 PM. Please make sure you are in line before this cut-off as we will begin the ceremony promptly at 6:30.

Graduate students: Please arrive at 6:00 in order to walk through the hooding process with the event coordinator.