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Why You Should Set Up an Advising Appointment

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Meeting with your academic advisor is an essential part of your undergraduate experience, especially around enrollment time. KU School of the Arts advisor Sydney Stone weighs in on the importance of an advising appointment for students at different points in their college career. 



Freshman year comes with a lot of firsts – new city, new school, new living situation, new friends, etc. It’s good to check-in with an advisor about how your first semester/first year is going - on all fronts. Students are still figuring out which major they’d like to pursue and are exploring different areas. I try to help students think about these decisions and really assess how they are feeling about their first semester and major choices. 



Sophomore year is when I like to create graduation plans and map out some of the key elements students want to fit into their experience at KU.  Usually students have a good idea of what major they are pursuing at this point, so we can start planning out study abroad, internships, research, specific classes of interest, double majors, minors, certificates and more. Sophomores are still exploring, so we talk a lot about opportunities sophomore year, such as Research Grants and Travel Funds within the School of the Arts.



Juniors are approaching the finish line, so it is important to check-in to make sure they are on track for graduation.  Junior year is usually when students' schedules start to open up a bit, allowing for students to really explore more advanced coursework in their major.  Junior year is a great time for study abroad, an internship or meeting with the Career Center. I also start directing students to faculty for mentorship and collaboration.



Seniors need to meet with their advisor to apply for graduation and make sure all their ducks are in a row.  Senior year is also a time when students take their final capstone or culminating coursework in their major.  This is a great time to talk about future plans – graduate school, job prospect, resume building, etc. I always encourage seniors to attend the School of the Arts Convocation Recognition Ceremony, which is always a really special experience. 


Check your enrollment time for the spring 2018 semester on Enroll & Pay. To set up an appointment with Sydney Stone, choose an available time on MySuccess through your myKU portal or Blackboard.