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Art Adventures: Spring Break

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Spring break is the perfect time to take a breather, explore new places and see art in a completely new way. Regardless of what kind of spring break vacation (or staycation!) you’ll be embarking on, here are a few ways you can incorporate art into your week off:

Beach Vacation

There is so much art found in nature. Get inspiration for your next project from patterns and colors on seashells. Experiment how it feels to dance on a sandy beach compared to the studio. Listen to other beachgoers. They might just give you the next great idea for a character or storyline to produce.

City Vacation

The liveliness of being in the center or the action is a great opportunity to experience art. Visit a world renowned museum or catch a professional production to be inspired by the greatest in the industry. Stray off the beaten path and see less touristy sites for unexpectedly amazing photos. Take in all the varieties of life, color and sound pulsing though the city, and it will be more difficult to ignore art than to find it!


A relaxing spring break at home is the perfect opportunity to finish, fine tune or crack down on that project that’s been swirling in your head. Fewer distractions than normal plus a slower paced schedule will put you on track to focus and pursue what you’re passionate about.