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Celia Tise and the Hollywood Hawks Week

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Career Week in L.A. with Celia Tise

Over spring break I had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles with KU’s film department and meet with Jayhawks who are actively working in the industry. On our first night in LA, we were lucky enough to meet with Gordy Hoffman and several other alumni for a Hollywood Hawks reception where we all introduced ourselves and got the chance to ask any immediate burning questions we had about LA.


Everyone had their own unique story and path to where they were currently and it was really comforting for me to know that there is no one “true” path to starting a career in Los Angeles. I’m someone who has always loved writing, but during the trip, I had the chance to learn more about some of the other paths I’ve been interested in like being a producer or working with VFX. Even though I was less knowledgeable on those topics every question I asked, no matter how simple, was answered with an enthusiasm and passion that made me excited to learn more.


Having the opportunity to network with all these incredible Jayhawks was truly special. Everyone I talked to was warm, welcoming and more than happy to share the story of their journey to Los Angeles and offer advice or the chance to stay connected as I make my way into the world after graduation. I felt so fortunate to know that there was such a big support system waiting for me whenever I may make the move.


Jayhawks are truly some of the most generous and genuine people you’ll ever meet and I’m comforted by the idea that someday these could be the people I’ll be working alongside.