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Cool Classes: Fall 2018

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Every class in the School of the Arts offers next semester is top-notch, but here are some of our coolest classes to knock out a few KU Core requirements or just try something new to add to your schedule for fall 2018 (even if your major isn't in the School of the Arts!):

FMS 302 Undergraduate Seminar: The World of Walt Disney

Learn about how Walt Disney started as a boy from Missouri and grew into one of the most iconic names in the entertainment industry. Also, be sure to check out the other undergraduate seminar topics offered next semester with this same course number! Satisfies: H Humanities (H)

Perfect for: Management and Leadership majors who want to learn how one of the entertainment business's greatest leaders of all time made his mark.  

FMS 310 History of the Silent Film

It’s hard to imagine movies today without any spoken dialogue, but this course will give you the opportunity to learn about this rich beginning of cinema history by exploring a variety of silent movies. Satisfies: H Humanities (H)

Perfect for: Art History majors interested in learning more about the history of film as an art form. 

FMS 380 American Popular Culture of: Shocks! Thrills!: Trash Cinema

You know when something is just so bad, it’s kind of good? Understand the phenomenon behind trash films, what makes them “trash” and compare how different audiences react to them. Satisfies: Goal 3 Arts and Humanities (GE3H), H Humanities (H), HL Literature & the Arts PC (HL) 

Perfect for: Psychology majors looking to learn more about why we like the weird things we like. 

THR 210 Musical Performance for the Actor

Take your skills up a notch or two with basic voice and movement techniques to help you break through into musical theatre! You’ll be a triple threat in no time. Satisfies: H Humanities (H)

Perfect for: Voice majors wanting to explore the musical theatre side of the world. 

THR 215 Approaching Design

Actors bring characters to life, but this course will teach you how to bring every other element onstage to life. Learn more about the conceptualization and visualization of design elements for the screen and stage. Satisfies: Goal 3 Arts and Humanities (GE3H), H Humanities (H), HL Literature & the Arts PC (HL) 

Perfect for: Engineering majors looking to tap into their artistic sides.  

THR 220 Costume Production

Learn the basics of how to develop a character’s perfect costume, from concept to final fitting. You’ll explore costume production for theatre, television, film and everything in between. Satisfies: H Humanities (H) 

Perfect for: Industrial Design majors who want to explore the textiles path in a new way.  

ART 121 Fundamentals of Printmaking

Get an introduction to printmaking techniques such as woodcut, etching, lithography and silk screen to give a new medium a try.

Perfect for: East Asian Languages & Cultures majors looking to learn more by about an art form that is heavily influenced by that area of the world by taking a hands-on approach. 

ART 123 Fundamentals of Expanded Media

Take your art to a new level by learning more about expanded media, including digital technologies, video, installation and performance. A great way to develop your skills in a completely new way! Satisfies: Goal 3 Arts and Humanities (GE3H), U Undesignated elective (U) 

Perfect for: Animation majors who want to learn more about how they can use new technologies in their work. 

ART 132 Fundamentals of Metalsmithing and Jewelry

Art you can wear! Learn a variety of techniques with a variety of metals in this introductory course. Satisfies: Goal 3 Arts and Humanities (GE3H) 

Perfect for: Geology majors wanting to take what they learn about in major classes and apply it to a creative outlet. 

DANC 105 Jazz 1

A perfect opportunity to try your hand in the world of dance, get your body moving and dance to music inspired by  Latino, African, popular and classical jazz dance forms.

Perfect for: Exercise Science majors who want to learn how to move their bodies in a new way. 

DANC 330 Approaches to World Dance

This lecture course (read: no dance skills required!) will introduce you to styles of dance from every corner of the globe. You’ll be studying these different styles and techniques through live performances, videotapes, films and more. Prerequisite: 200-level English course. Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 2 (AE42), H Humanities (H), HL Literature & the Arts PC (HL) 

Perfect for: Global and International Studies majors who want to look at the world's cultures through a dance lens.

DANC 460 Dance History: Research and Reconstruction

Dive into the history of dance, how its meaning has changed and its transformation in the modern world with this course. You’ll have the unique opportunity to combine dance with anthropology, philosophy, art history, and literature. Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 2 (AE42), H Humanities (H), HL Literature & the Arts PC (HL) 

Perfect for: History majors who want to see how dance has shaped and changed throughout time and how it has impacted our world.