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Cool Classes in the School of the Arts Spring 2018

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The School of the Arts offers interesting, creative classes that meet your KU Core and elective requirements. Here's a list of some of the coolest classes offered in each department for the spring 2018 semester:

THR 120: Public Speaking as Performance

Every KU student has to take a public speaking course, but go against the grain by fulfilling your requirement with THR 120! You’ll examine public speaking topics through the lens of theatre games and vocal exercises.
Satisfies: Goal 2 Outcome 2 (GE22), H Humanities (H)

THR 308: Script Analysis

Scripts aren’t just words on a page the actor reads. They are the building blocks of an amazing performance! You’ll dive deeper into how to really understand a playwright’s message in this class.
Satisfies: H Humanities (H)

THR 326: African Theatre & Drama

African theatre has a rich, deep history and THR 326 will help you explore it more! You’ll study everything from traditional to contemporary dramatic theories related to African theatre.
Satisfies: H Humanities (H), NW Non-Western Culture (NW) World Culture (W)

DANC 260: Musical Theatre Dance

Musical theatre is more than just jazz hands, there is a whole genre of dance dedicated to it! You’ll study dance techniques spanning from popular styles from the 1920s to the present day and listen to some show tunes too.

DANC 330: Approaches to World Dance

Explore styles from around the world, including African, East Indian classical, European court dance and more! You’ll study by reading, participating in master classes, attending performances and watching films. Prerequisite: 200-level English course.
Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 2 (AE42), H Humanities (H), HL Literature & the Arts PC (HL)

DANC 440: Intro to Classical East Indian Dance

Learn more about the beauty of classical East Indian dance in DANC 440. You’ll have the opportunity to learn vocabulary, rhythmic foot patterns, intricate hand gestures and more!
Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 2 (AE42), NW Non-Western Culture (NW)

ART 120: Fundamentals of Drawing & Painting

Explore basic techniques and expressive possibilities in drawing and painting. Class sessions may also include films, visiting artists, guest lectures and field trips!

ART 133: Fundamentals of Fibers

Learn more about fibers as an art form with this introductory course. Techniques such as dyeing, construction and surface embellishment will be covered.
Satisfies: Goal 3 Arts and Humanities (GE3H), U Undesignated elective (U)

SCUL 360: Build Smart

Gain experience with the properties of wood and woodworking tools with SCUL 360. This introductory course will go over a variety of woodworking techniques and styles.
Prerequisite: Visual Art major or minor, or instructor permission. Satisfies: H Humanities (H)

FMS 302: Video Game Theory & Design

Ever wondered how your favorite video games come to life? Learn about the principles of game design from development to production with FMS 302.
Satisfies: Humanities (H)

FMS 314: History of African-American Images in Film

African-Americans have been portrayed in a variety of ways throughout cinematic history. Learn more about these diverse portrayals through screenings of feature and independent films!
Satisfies:  Goal 4 Outcome 1 (AE41), Humanities (H), HL Literature and Arts PC (HL)

FMS 380 American Popular Culture of: The Academy Awards

The Academy Awards is not just an awards show; they are a springboard for the discussion around art, commerce and diversity in American culture. Learn about the history and implications of the Academy Awards in this engaging course.
Satisfies: Goal 3 Arts and Humanities (GE3H), Humanities (H), HL Literature and Arts PC (HL)