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Cool Classes Spring 2019

Monday, October 29, 2018











You're enrolling for the semester, and you want to have a class or two that stands out from the rest of your schedule. Check out these classes that you may have overlooked, but will add a little something extra to the spring.

THR 111: Makeup

The difference between everyday makeup and stage makeup is dramatically different. This class will allow you to try your hand at a variety of techniques, including old, wounded, and other worldly looks.


THR 215: Approaching Design

Love movie and film sets? Pay more attention to the background when you're at the theater? Consider taking Approaching Design. This class will allow for you to expand your repertoire and design abilities.


THR 105 – Improvisation​   

Love to surprise and think on your feet? Want to get more comfortable in front of a crowd? Learn how to free yourself physically, vocally and emotionally in


THR 220- Costume Production

Have you ever wanted to know what goes into costuming for your favorite movie, show or musical? Consider taking Costume Production and gain an understanding for both the design and decisions that go into costuming.


SCUL 349- Metal & Glass Casting

Experiment with casting techniques with bronze, aluminum and iron. This class will be a whole new exploration for creative students.


ART 132 – Fundamentals of Metalsmithing/Jewelry

Have you ever wanted to know how to make your own jewelry? Consider taking Fundamentals of Metalsmithing/Jewelry this next semester!


ART 133- Fundamentals of Fiber​

Knit one. Purl two. Fabric dyeing. Sewing and more! Check out this intro to fibers class and express yourself through textiles and more.


FMS 100: Introduction to Film and Media

Have you ever wondered how a film was made? Want to make one yourself? FMS 100 will give you a thorough and fun look into the Film Industry, and maybe get you into the biz. Hit the road to Hollywood!


FMS 302 – The Horror Film

We're not promoting this one just because of the season. FMS 302 will take you through the history of horror and its theory. You may even get to see some terrifying classics along the way.


FMS 303 – Intermediate Animation

Learn how to animate and digitize your creations using After Effects. Using various forms of media, you'll examine techniques in motion design using text, graphics and character animation.


DANC 213- Modern Contemporary

Consider stepping into the world of Modern Contemporary dance this spring. Level 1 is open to everyone, and will be sure to give you a spring in your step during the changing seasons.

DANC 417 – Hip-Hop

Pop and lock. The dougie and robot. Get away from your desk and shake it in Hip-Hop in the spring.


DANC 211 – Ballet

Dance is a great way to switch up your class schedule. This class will build your classical training and make you the best dancer you can be.

Enroll away!