Darian Bruch

BA in Dance Performance, BA in Exercise Science
Primary office:


What are your plans for the future?

I plan to continue working in the dance industry. Choreography, dance instruction, judging and performing are all areas that I am currently pursuing. Eventually, I would like to start my own business to further continue my work in the dance community.

Describe a defining moment in your time in the School of the Arts.

Having to recreate my senior piece after the onset of Covid-19 was a challenging but rewarding experience. I wanted to keep pieces of the original concept, as well as keep the integrity of the piece intact. Developing a new piece helped to settle my own feelings about the pandemic. This senior performance left me with a feeling of peace and hopefulness for the future.

What has influenced your creativity here at KU?

My classmates. Getting to watch my friends express themselves in class and performances is inspiring! Seeing their creativity has helped me grow!