Elsa Bernauer

BA in English, BA in Theatre Performance
Primary office:


What are your plans for the future?

I will stay in the Kansas City area for a while working on local film and theatrical projects, and then expanding to either New York or Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting full time.

Describe a defining moment in your time in the School of the Arts.

I was fortunate enough to be cast as a lead in a main stage performance the first semester of my freshman year. Leading up to the cast list being announced, I wasn't sure where my place would be in the theatre department or if I would even make it there, but seeing my name as a freshman gave me the confidence to keep pursuing my dream and working to make it a reality.

What has influenced your creativity here at KU?

My professors and my friends push my creative limits so that they expand farther than I thought they could. It's a challenge that I willingly accept every time, and I am always excited to see where we lead each other. Everything I have done has been a collaboration, and my creativity and inspirations are heavily influenced by the people around me.