Erin Dellasega

BFA in Visual Art with a minor in Art History
Primary office:


What are your plans for the future?

After graduation I will be continuing my education at Eastern Illinois University where I will be pursuing my MA in studio art before I eventually move on to an MFA program in painting.

Describe a defining moment in your time in the School of the Arts.

Being able to have my own studio space during my senior year and having a community of artists around me that are constantly inspiring me to keep creating is something that I really loved. This last year I felt a huge change in my creative process in relation to how much time and effort I put into my work. I know that its a direct impact of having that community around, even if we didn't always talk very much. Just the presence of everyone working so hard around me was really impactful in finding and understanding my own process.

What has influenced your creativity here at KU?

My professors and my peers have pushed me to think about creating art in so many different ways other than just painting and drawing. I am particularly grateful to have been able to taken 3D textile construction with Hadley Clark because it has opened up my mind to so many other possibilities of making and it has pushed me to think differently about the clothes that I wear everyday of my life.