Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to have a major in the School of the Arts, or can this be a minor with a major in another School? Also, can I be employed by the School of the Arts, but majoring in another area?
    1. You must be a major within the School of the Arts in order to be eligible. Unfortunately, grant funding will not include majors in other schools with a minor/employment in the School of the Arts.
  2. Can I be graduating in May and still apply for the grant?
    1. You must be enrolled during the time period of award including the completion of the project. You are eligible if you are graduating in May. However, you must complete the project prior to Stop Day in the Spring semester.
  3. What semesters do I need to be enrolled for in order to be eligible for the grant?
    1. As above, you must be enrolled when you apply and during the time carry out the project. However, we do not require that the student be enrolled full time during the summer semester. 
  4. How many hours do I need to be enrolled in to be eligible for a grant?
    1. You must be enrolled full time (at least 12 credits for undergraduates; at least 6 credits for graduate students). If you think an exception should be made, or if you have questions about the number of credit hours or your eligibility, please contact Professor Henry Bial.
  5. How many grants will be awarded?
    1. Funding is available for approximately 10 grants each year. The total number of grants awarded depends on the quality of proposals we receive.
  6. Do I choose the Faculty Advisor? If so, does the faculty member have to be from my area, or emphasis?
    1. You choose the faculty member who will act as your Faculty Advisor. The faculty member does not have to be in your area or emphasis, but they will need to be in the School of the Arts.
  7. When does the project need to be completed?
    1. By June 15 of the following year. If you are graduating, you need to complete the project by Stop Day of the Spring semester.
  8. Does the project have to RESEARCH the topic or FULFILL the topic?
    1. You can do a project that researches the topic, or your project can have an outcome that fulfills the topic. A project can even be one that seeks to do both.
  9. Is this a group project?
    1. This is not a group project, because one person is applying for funding and is, ultimately, responsible for seeing that the project is completed and documented.  At the same time, multiple people could be involved in the execution of the project. The arts often involve a group effort and multiple contributions while also having a leader. Students are also encouraged to seek the help/advice from their faculty advisor as well as their outside contact (after the grant has been awarded).
  10. When will I receive notification of award?
    1. Notifications will be sent by the end of the fall semester.
  11. Can a student combine grants to use for this project?
    1. Yes, but please be upfront about any funding you have received.  Indicate which part of the project you will apply the Arts Research Grant funding toward, and which will provided by the alternate funding.
  12. Will the grant be applied to any fines or tuition that I have not paid?
    1. You must pay any fines or tuition that you owe the University before the award of this grant. However, we are working with the KU Budget Office make sure that the award of this grant does not penalize students on federal assistance by raising the cost of attendance.
  13. Do you have any tips for writing the proposal?
    1. Yes! Please see our Grant Writing Tips page for information relevant to these proposals.
  14. What if I have a question that is not listed here?
    1. Please contact Professor Henry Bial in the Department of Theatre and Dance.